Delray Beach isn’t a place commonly mentioned when speaking of south Florida… but it should be! This beach town has a cool vibe filled with great restaurants, cute shops and pristine water.

Take A1A up the coast from Miami north (45 minutes) and feast your eyes on multimillion dollar homes on both the ocean side and the inter coastal side as you hit Boca Raton. These beautifully landscaped homes that peak out from their impressive metal gates offer a glimpse of the type of money found in this little town (population approx. 69,000). Even the manatee mailboxes in this part of Florida are hand carved pieces of art.

Atlantic Avenue is the Main Street that cuts through downtown Delray and is full of impressive restaurants & shops. My favorite spot for breakfast is Luna Rosa which actually faces A1A but is just south of Atlantic. The wait staff is super friendly and the food delish!

At night time, this town comes alive, especially during season, from the trendy nightclub feel of Salt to the live music hot spot called Johnny Browns. Almost every establishment has an outdoor patio and people watching is Fantastic! For tropical cocktails or to feel like you are on an island, visit the Sand Bar (down from Luna Rosa) where you can roll in wearing your swim suit and play corn hole. If candy or gelato is your thing, there are spots for you as well. There truly is something for everyone of all ages.

Hint: if it’s tourist season definitely make reservations for dinner.

Tip: Valet parking is available at most restaurants and self pay parking on A1A is good for lunch or a visit to the beach.

In late March, there is a Taste of Delray event where you can buy tickets and Atlantic Avenue is turned into a huge dining room. Many of the local restaurants provide sampling’s of their favorite dishes so you can decide where you want to revisit.

Delray Beach is a fantastic beach town not often mentioned but worth a visit next time you are in south Florida.

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