I have always enjoyed Puerto Rico. It’s super easy to get to and since it’s a US territory the currency is the same, most people speak English and you do not need a US passport to visit.

Puerto Rico has great mild weather with the hottest month being August ( average temp 75) the coldest, January ( average temp 63) and the wettest being February. It is also easy to get to with many daily flights as well as a port for cruises, if that’s what you prefer.

The water in Puerto Rico is beautiful with different parts of the island having different incredible aspects. The waters around Old San Juan are typically rough due to consistent wind & Rincon is an area surfers enjoy. Condado is an area with amazing resorts, great for romantic getaways and is desirable because of its proximity to Old San Juan. Fajardo is an area that tends to be known for water sports and family resorts.

Old San Juan is full of history from the two forts to the famous haunts of rock stars. There is something for everyone. The forts are both worth a visit and it is amazing to see how these remarkable fortresses have withstood the battery of the mighty winds and seas to protect the city from invaders throughout the years.

El Batey is a historic bar that The Rolling Stones frequented while in Old San Juan and it is truly a hole in the wall experience. It’s fun to read the thousands of signatures scrawled on its walls. It is known for $2 beers and a jukebox playing old hits from its hey day. Don’t forget to try the famed Cuba Libre which is a rum and coke with lime juice.

Condado is a great town just outside Old San Juan with spectacular hotels. The Condado Vanderbilt and La Concha (larger hotels on the water) and the Olive Boutique Hotel, my favorite. The Vanderbilt is great with a pool and restaurant and all the amenities of a high end hotel. But the Olive Boutique hotel is perfect for a romantic weekend.

The Olive Boutique hotel is a sophisticated adult hotel on a lagoon with a rooftop pool and bar with beautiful views. The decor is perfectly Mediterranean and rooms include covered patios with private tiled tubs and showers. It’s a small hotel with a warm friendly feel. Perfect for reconnecting or celebrating your special person. It’s also just a short walk to the beach, incredible restaurants and shopping.

In Fajardo, El Conquistador is the most well known large resort for families that has a great pool and restaurant. It sits on a marina which runs a ferry over the tropical blue water to Palomino Island with their white sandy private beach. Great for children and sun bathers. You can snorkel or swim to the tiny island next door which was used to film one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Also in Fajardo you can find the Bioluminescent Bay, where you can kayak through the mangroves to gaze upon the glowing microorganisms which light up at night when the water is agitated. There are only 5 of these types of bays on earth and 3 are in Puerto Rico. Definitely worth a visit.

Puerto Rico was hit hard last year during the hurricanes and they are still rebuilding inland but it is still a beautiful place. Their spirit is not broken and they welcome tourists so get to it!

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