Island Park Idaho, Fly Fishing Hot Spot

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Chances are if you are a lover of fly fishing, you have been out west. If you have never been to Island Park Idaho, you are missing out.

Island Park is a tiny town, population under 300, that is situated close to where Montana, Idaho & Wyoming connect. This part of the country contains some of the most pristine waters and gorgeous skies you can imagine.

The easiest way to get there is to fly into Bozeman and make the 11/2-2 hour drive. I normally choose to drive through Big Sky because this route takes you through stunning mountains and follows the Gallatin River. There is another route that takes you through the cute town of West Yellowstone which is also a fun drive.

Once you arrive in Island Park, the main thing to do is fly fish. Although there are some amazing experiences just a short drive away. Mesa Falls is a beautiful waterfall just a short drive/hike from Henry’s Fork Anglers. You can also drive about 30 miles to the town of West Yellowstone and enter our National Park for breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. Do not miss the “Painted Pots” & do not forget your camera!

The views from Island Park include the majestic Tetons in Wyoming which you can see from the road as well as several parts of the Henry’s Fork River. The curvaceous river provides surprises around each bend which can include moose, bear or eagles. There are also gorgeous homes scatter along some banks of the river which surely provide a wonderful summer hideaway for their owners.

If you are a fly fisher or decide to try to give fly fishing a try, Henry’s Fork Anglers is a friendly shop who can take care of everything. From buying your fishing license, arranging your guide boat or completing your look with their shop stocked with fishing gear. The guides are all well acquainted with the rivers and they typically each have a secret “fishing hole” spot they don’t share except with their clients.

Trout Hunters is across the street from Henry’s Fork and has rooms to stay and a good restaurant for your pre or post fishing meal. Try their breakfast sandwich to fuel up before your boat trip. Enjoy your meal while watching people fly fishing with their waders on in the area they call ” The Ranch” just outside the restaurant. There is also a great restaurant called Boondocks nearby which is cash only but has delicious choices and friendly service.

The rivers are so peaceful and clean in this part of the country and full of healthy Brown & Rainbow trout to provide you an excellent experience. Don’t expect to keep any fish as these rivers are solely catch and release. Remember the thrill is in the catch!

I am continually amazed with the beauty of our country and if you have never ventured west, you are missing out!

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