Kona, A Unique Experience

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If you have ever been to one of Hawaii’s incredible islands, I guarantee it was nothing like Kona, on the big island. Kona feels like you are on another planet. In fact, the Big Island contains 8 of the 13 climate zones. From lava tubes to tropical forests, in parts it even looks uninhabited.

The Kona district covers about 2/3 of the western coast of the big island. Locals refer to this region as Kona or Kailua. Kailua Kona is located where the western slopes of the Hualālai volcano meet the ocean. Kona is almost always dry and sunny which makes it a wonderful spot for tourists.

In the area north of Kona, you can find gorgeous beaches, several amazing resorts and golf courses. The Four Seasons Resort is by far one of the very best. From the views to the food, it is Top Notch! They have a dolphin watching trip that allows you to swim with pods of dolphins in the wild and hearing their “clicks”, as they swim all around you, is an experience not to be missed!

The Big Island was entirely formed by volcanoes. It has 5 separate volcanoes that have blended together to make the island which includes 3 that are still active. The Big Island also boasts the largest volcano on the planet, Mauna Loa, but Kilauea is the most dangerous as it is the one which has actively destroyed over 700 homes in the past year.

Blocked from winds by Maunaloa, the waters of south Kona are calm and clear. They are perfect for sailing, diving, snorkeling, and seeing dolphins & Hawaii’s green sea turtles, ( Honu). Kona is also famous for its deep-sea fishing, hosting the International Billfish Tournament (August) every year. You can also explore the terrain by traveling to a coffee plantation, where you can sample the distinctive flavors of 100% Kona coffee, which is what Kona is famous for!

The best way to explore the entire island is by helicopter. Pick Blue Hawaiian if you get motion sickness as this is the most stable. We were able to see active lava flows and the diverse climates on the island. It went from dry arid desert to lush rainforest and back to black cooled lava fields in a matter of minutes. It’s an incredible tour.

By far my favorite part of Kona are all the turtles. They seemed to be everywhere the times I have visited and it’s just a unique & magical place.

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