Inner Peace and Positivity Part 1

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One of the toughest times in my life led to one of the best experiences of my life. I had many transitions occurring in my world a couple years ago and stumbled upon a wonderful program called This is a program designed for people who want to get away and recharge or simply soul search about the next phase in their life.

The program is extremely well organized and requires a brief online application and then a Skype interview to establish if your personal needs and goals align with their program offerings. I was accepted into the program and was able to pick between many incredible destinations across the globe to explore and regroup. I had always wanted to go to Bali and lucky for me the program they offered fit my schedule perfectly. They have 4 week and 2 week odyssey’s. Most people can not disconnect from their obligations for that long but I decided I could swing the 2 week program.

Prior to your journey, there are several emails asking questions about your personal interests and any skills or activities you would like to share or lead. The unsettled leaders partner with a coworking space wherever they operate, which allows for its members to stay connected and work remotely as needed (the time change may make it a bit of a challenge). They tell you what to pack and set up any transportation needed to your new habitation when you arrive.

The program includes a combination of workshops, site seeing and organized dinners which you are free to participate in or not. You truly make of this program what you want. You can be alone when you want to read, explore, do yoga, or meditate or you can find someone in the group to explore with. I chose to do all the group activities and also had time to do yoga and explore alone. It was a perfect balance.

A few weeks before you leave, they connect all the participants so that you have an idea of who you will be sharing this experience with once you arrive. My group was small with 11 people representing 8 different countries. I decided to arrive a couple days early to get acclimated to the 12 hour time change so I arranged my own transportation. I picked an ecolodge called Sebatu Resort, to stay for my first two days, which was a beautiful establishment to begin my journey. I will share more about the specifics of my trip in my next post.

I had never travelled alone and choosing to go on the other side of the globe, on a 23 hour journey, was a bit unnerving but I decided it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life so it was worth getting out of my comfort zone. Best decision on my life!

My quest for inner peace and positivity was on its way and Bali was one of the most magical and positive places I have ever been. Beunsettled was exactly what I needed and now I am apart of a “family” that offers additional opportunities in alumni trips. I look forward to another journey with them in the future. Stay tuned for my agirlonabeach Bali edition.

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